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About Us

Who Created Smiling Bear?

Smiling Bear was created by Guy Paterson. He likes to draw and create stuff, and has worked in the art & design industry forever. Guy is originally from the UK, but now calls Sydney home, and is an Australian citizen.

What’s The Idea Behind Smiling Bear?

Upon arrival, Guy was totally inspired by the relaxed Australian lifestyle and positive outlook. It was this feeling that he wanted to capture within his character creation.

Koalas are adorable, and provided the perfect starting point. Next came the unique smile – 2 dots and a squiggle. Then the name. Koalas are not bears. There was something memorable about this common confusion, ‘Smiling Bear’ was perfect.

What’s So Important About A Smile?

A smile needs no translation and is a universal sign of love and happiness. Smiling makes you feel good. Life is definitely better when you SMILE MORE.

Other Questions You’d Like To Ask?

Please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Yours smilingly... the SB crew

P.S. Koalas are currently under threat in Australia. You can read more about our involvement with the Australian Koala Foundation below.

BBF – Beach Buddies Forever! Smiling Bear and Guy at a local beach in Sydney

It All Started With A Squiggle The original smile logo sketch

Please Help Save The Koala

Koalas In The Wild Face Threat Of Extinction

Continued loss of koala habitat is threatening their existence. The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is the principal non profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of the wild koala.

What Are We Doing To Help?

Smiling Bear is actually a koala, so it seemed only cosmically conscious to get involved. As an Australian owned character and company, Smiling Bear will be supporting the AKF by donating 10% of their sales profits and helping to raise global awareness for the koala and it’s protection.

For more information about the threat to koalas in the wild and how you can help, please visit

Dreamworld's Logan aka 'Frankie'
The only blue eyed koala in the world

Mother and Joey (a young koala)
Gumnut and Rose just chillin'

Koala photos kindly supplied by The Australian Koala Foundation ©Rose Darroch and Dick Marks


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