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Abbotts Out, Turnbull’s In – Can Koalabama Still Save The Day?

Tony Abbott and President Obama Cuddling A Koala in Australia G20

I have been sitting on this post for over 6 months now, but with news tonight of Tony Abbott being defeated it seemed like the appropriate time to post finally.

Tony Abbott has been defeated by Malcolm Turnbull, and is no longer the Australian Prime Minister. I have no idea if Malcolm Turnbull’s environmental credentials are any better than Mr Abbotts, but let’s hopes so! To date, Australian politicians are doing literally nothing to prevent koala extinction, in fact worse than ’nothing’ as they keep lying and manipulating figures to make everything seem OK. This is really underhand, because it gives the public the perception that things aren’t as bad as they really are.

Back in November last year, at the G-20 summit in Australia, Tony Abbott was very happy to use a koala for his international media purposes, with President Obama having a koala cuddle too. But sadly this is where Abbott and his governments interest in koalas seems to end.  

Earlier I was over on reading CEO Deborah Tabart’s latest post about trying to get a Koala Protection Act passed. Deborah and her staff have been working tirelessly in an effort to get proper protection for the koala legislated in Australian law. It was so sad to read that out of 128 Australian Federal politicians she asked for help and support, only 7 (YES SEVEN!) have bothered to respond.

So it seems the koala really might become extinct in the wild because politicians refuse to do anything. They would rather support mining, property development and other industries for their own financial gain (both personal and party funding). Pretty cold stuff. I wonder what the rest of the world will make of all this? It won’t look so good when people want to come here to visit and find out how backward the culture is – come on Australia, it’s 2015. Extinction of a national icon is unthinkable! 

Shortly after the November G-20 koala cuddles, Deborah Tabart wrote an open letter to President Obama asking for his support. She felt he might be more forward thinking and sympathetic to the koalas plight. To put it bluntly, Obama has a lot more global ‘juice’ than Tony Abbott and his party, so the thought was that he might be able to step in and offer some super-powers of persuasion. Time will tell, and with a new Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull perhaps the koala will finally get the protection it so desperately deserves. Let's hope so...

Yours smilingly,

Guy Paterson

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