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Posts from October 2015

Webcomic: Smile More Under The Stars

Comic of koala camping out under the stars

Here’s the latest edition of the ‘Smile More’ comic strip, that appears in Just Kidding – Australia’s number one tween magazine.

This koala comic is all about having a change of scene. Camping out overnight, where you can dream freely right under the stars.

There’s something totally relaxing and refreshing about having a change of scene, especially when that scene is nature. It’s a powerful experience, and in complete contrast with your everyday life (unless you live in nature of course, in which case you should go to a huge city with sky scrapers, traffic jams and lots of hustle and bustle!)

Camping out overnight takes things to a whole new level. Sitting with friends around a camp fire, sharing your stories, listening, laughing. There’s a completely different rhythm to your life back home. And when you look up into the darkness (assuming it’s not overcast) all you can see are stars twinkling, great big clusters of them right across the sky. You’ll be amazed at how many you can see, as away from the towns and cities there’s no light pollution from buildings or street lights hiding them.

When it’s finally time to sleep, you will lie there quietly in your tent, waiting for those unexpected night time sounds. What was that? An owl, a fox, or maybe just the wind blowing through the trees? It will soon be morning and you’ll wake with the sun. Poking your head out of the tent flaps, you wonder who else is up and about yet.

The time will come to return back home again, and you may even feel a little sad. But remember this; you’re energised and invigorated, bursting with fresh ideas and inspiration, ready to tackle any challenges and grab hold of new opportunities.

A quick warning too. After your long drive home make sure someone else unpacks the vehicle. There’s a damp, crumpled tent and all the other equipment to deal with, it takes forever and is hugely boring!

So go on, get outside and get into nature, and spend a night dreaming under the stars.


Please note: If you’re a child, please ask your parents or guardian to take you camping, as whilst it’s a lot of fun you also need to make sure you stay safe.


Yours smilingly,

Guy Paterson

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Smiling High Up Up In The Sky!

Koala flying an airplane in the sky animated gif

It's that time again. Time to take off and disappear into the clouds.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Yours smilingly,

Guy Paterson


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