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Aussie Creators of Crossy Road – Seen Smiling Bear Blocky?

8-bit pixel art animated gif of Smiling Bear

I recently read an exciting article about Hipster Whale, the Australian game developers who created Crossy Road. If you’re not familiar with the game, it stars a blocky looking chicken that needs to cross the road, and was inspired by classic video games such as Frogger.

Based in Victoria, Hipster Whale is made up of Andy Sum and Matt Hall. Crossy Road has gone on to become a worldwide hit and has been downloaded an unbelievable 100 million times already (and it’s only been out for less than a year!)

Riding high on success, Bandai Namco approached them to work on their new Pac-Man game. Called Pac-Man 256, the game has only been live for a week and has already shot to the number one spot of the charts and has been downloaded 3 million times already!

Great to hear about a small Aussie company doing so well internationally, “Good onya lads”, keep on creating hits.

In their honour, this week I have decided to create an 8-bit graphic version of Smiling Bear, as an animated gif. Retro video game inspired…hope you like it :-)

• Full length article I was reading about Hipster Whale can be found here.
• Download the Crossy Road game from iTunes here.
• Download the Pac-Man 256 game from iTunes here.

Yours smilingly,

Guy Paterson

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