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Celebrities Cuddling Koala Bears – One Direction

The second issue of Celebrity Koala Cuddles magazine is out now!

One Direction stopped by for some koala cuddle time on their recent trip to Australia. All of the band, except Niall Horan, held the koala. There has been lots of speculation as to why this might be. Fear of getting his flawless skin scratched seems the most likely :-)

Kat the koala confirmed she was already a huge 1D fan before the visit, even using a dedicated ipod just for their music. After cuddling the guys she admitted that life would never be the same again, especially trying to get Zayn Malik out of her head! We know what you mean Kat, we suffer the same problem (swoon!)

One Direction have urged their female fans not to bombard Kat the koala with nasty messages, and that there was no need to be jealous as she was only doing her job.

One Direction were visiting Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane, Australia. You can find out more information about Lone Pine by visiting their website,  Learn all about Lone Pine’s great shows and activities, or nerd out on fascinating facts about the koala. 

Twitter: @lonepinekoala
One Direction’s website:
Twitter: @onedirection

DISCLAIMER: No celebrities were harmed in the making of this feature.

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