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Smiling Bear Prepares For Australia Day

Reading my emails and drinking coffee as usual this morning, when I was shocked to see Smiling Bear in the subject line of a newsletter! Then I realised it was from Moonpig, who are selling Smiling Bear greetings cards. Now obviously I’m fully aware of this, as I designed the cards (duh!?) but there was something very different about unsuspectingly coming across Smiling Bear like this. A great way to start the day!

They’re promoting Smiling Bear ahead of Australia Day, which is Thursday 26th January. It’s a public holiday here in Aus, and generally a day for hanging out with family or friends and having fun. We’ve got plenty of Australian themed designs up on their site, so if you’re looking to send a card to someone, check them out on Moonpig

If you're in Australia, enjoy the day off and have fun!

Yours smilingly,


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