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Smile More for Cat Capers kid-friendly webcomic, from Smiling Bear

Smile More™ the weekly webcomic kicks off again this week.

Here's a little background to the idea behind it. When I came up with the idea for the Smile More webcomic, I wanted it to be funny, positive and appropriate for kids of all ages. If you’re an adult don’t worry though, it’s ok for you to like it too! It’s just a kid-friendly comic all the way.

The main thing I wanted to achieve was to create a kids comic that you could trust, that wasn’t sarcastic, mean spirited or rude. There’s nothing wrong with comics that are like that of course, but I think the web is already full of them. I think it's much easier to create humour around negative themes and outlooks too – watch most standup comedy and you can see that.

But, the thing about the Smiling Bear character though is that I created him with a positive outlook, to have fun, but not at other peoples expense. The webcomic has to have a good heart, without being sickly-sweet, and I hope it’s achieving that.

So, in any future editions of the webcomic I can promise you will only ever see family friendly comics. They might vary in obviousness of the humour, the style of humour, or perhaps even in the quality of humour (you'll have to be the judge of that!) but they won’t vary in their age-appropriateness. Smile More webcomic will always be kid-friendly, children's comics all the way!

I will also be doing some editions in the future based on readers suggestions, picked from competition winners. So keep following for more information. I will post all the relevant details ahead of time, and who knows…you might end up with your very own comic drawn up!

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Yours smilingly,

Guy Paterson

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